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Meet The Owner

 Dana Dussault

Dana Dussault

Dana Dussault, a Long Beach, NY native and theatre enthusiast, found her passion for fitness at a young age. Transitioning from a theatre kid to a fitness aficionado, Dana discovered her love for instructing group fitness at the age of 22.

Certifications Galore

With an impressive array of certifications, Dana is a powerhouse in the fitness industry. She holds certifications in 7 Les Mills programs, yoga, barre, spin, and is a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. Her commitment extends beyond workouts, as she is also a certified nutrition coach.

Innovative Program Creator

Dana is the creative mind behind the transformative 90 Day Program TMGYM 3M System and the Menopause 3M System. These programs reflect her dedication to holistic fitness, providing clients with a roadmap to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Home is Where the Heart (and Dumbbells) Are

Currently residing in picturesque Pownal, VT, Dana shares her home with her supportive husband, Chris, and three adorable rescue dogs—Toby, Lily, and Gracie.

Join Dana on a journey of fitness, empowerment, and well-being. Embrace a healthier you at The Manchester Gym

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