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​Cardio Deck

6 CYBEX Treadmills

6 CYBEX Arc Trainers

2 CYBEX Upright Bikes

2 CYBEX Recumbent Bike

3 Rowing Machines


All of our cardio equipment is located on the second floor.  Each unit has its own TV unit,  you control what you want to watch.   Each unit is kept clean and in working order,

should something come up we will take care of it immediately.  Our treadmills will incline up to 15% and the Arc Trainers can be used as steppers. 


Weight Room

We offer a full line of CYBEX strength training equipment.  Our free weights range from 3lbs all the way up to 120lbs.  We also have a squat rack and smith machine.  There is something for every muscle group.  Research has shown that there are benefits to everyone at any age to strength train.  It can be very beneficial in reducing the signs and symptoms for numerous diseases, helps increase lean muscle mass, helps burn fat, helps in preventing osteoporosis, diabetes as well as offering the same benefits as cardio.

Group Fitness Room

Our bright and spacious group fitness room provides a welcoming space to take part in our wide variety of classes. And your body will love our state of the art, cushioned floor.  

Cross Training Rooms


  • Kettle bells

  • Medicine balls

  • Slam balls

  • Plyometric boxes

  • Battle ropes

  • Free weights

  • Body bars

  • Resistance bands

  • Foam rollers

  • Bosu balance trainers

  • Swiss balls

  • TRX suspension training straps

  • Reverse hyperextension machine

  • Roman chair

  • Heavy bag

  • Rowing machines

  • Stretch machine

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