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What people are saying

Linda Rollyson

"Lia has been able to personalize for me the right combination of strength training, balance and stretching. An added bonus is her depth of knowledge about nutrition. I think the work I did with Lia both before and after hip replacement surgery contributed to the speed and ease of my recovery."

Anthony Pasquale

"GREAT gym for getting in a workout during a vacation. Clean, numerous weight lifting options and friendly ownership."
"I’ve been going to the owner run Manchester Gym for over 10 years.
They are personable, professional, knowledgeable and hard working. The Manchester Gym is well run and maintained and offers a fun, energetic atmosphere, catering to all age groups. (At 77 years old—I’m clearly a representative of the latter demographic!)"

Jocelyn DeMaio

"We took Sprint 30 and Yoga classes during our visit. The instructors were great and the facility was clean. We felt a great sense of accomplishment went we left!"

Wendy Gawlik

David Wood

"Best equipped gym in the area for self- directed workouts. Has at least one of pretty much everything... but sometimes only one, so you might have to share, or wait your turn on some pieces. Very complete dumbbells set. Not as complete on kettlebells, but at least they have a few (up to 55 pounds). Good aerobic equipment (3 Concept2 rowing ergs, multiple bikes and treadmills). They have a sled for push/pull drills, which is rare. Men's locker room is good, decent toiletries available at no charge. Friendly staff and members."

"Eleven years ago I heard the words that no one wants to hear - "you have cancer".  I made the decision to follow the recommendations that my oncology team gave me which included surgery, radiation and adjuvant treatment for the next 7 years. Thankfully it was caught early!


Seven months later after getting the all clear from my surgeon I said to myself what's next? What can I do to make sure I can protect myself from not having this happen again? What can I do so I have control over my body? How can I get my life back and on the path to being normal again? I decided to hire a trainer to get back some control.


When I worked at BBA I heard about Lia Taylor. She and I didn't know each other but I followed her via the many sports she played while she was a student. Later I heard she was working as a trainer (now owner) at The Manchester Gym and decided to contact her to see if she would work with me. 


Lia and I have been meeting twice a week since that initial meeting. She has given me the positive support and the modifications I needed while working around the physical limitations due to my surgery. Throughout the years she has also taught me about which foods would feed my body to continue to be successful at strength training and support my overall health.  All of this has helped give me back the control I needed and wanted over my body.


Thank you Lia for all that you do and have done for me!"

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